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The Track Record of Robert F. Bernstock

February 20, 2018

As a key decision maker with some of the largest companies in the country, Robert F. Bernstock has shown repeatedly why he believes business should always embrace change because that is the best way to make it increasingly efficient, effective and profitable. Based on his experience, he has also been endorsed in the areas of negotiation, team building, strategic planning, organizational development and innovation, as well as change management.

Over the course of the last 25 years, Robert F. Bernstock has often demonstrated his ability to be a dependable businessman with plenty of knowledge and experience. Much of that experience comes from his service as an executive officer and/or a director with eight different companies, including a few who were in the Fortune 1000. It is perhaps Robert Bernstock’s experience with corporate strategies and best practices that has led to his selection a number of public and private company boards. He has a lot of experience in all aspects of business, so his choice should surprise no one.